Posted by: sClarke | 07/12/2009

542542 Is Not Code For the Russian National Security Agency

kgb is a text message service that operates in the US and Canada.  Users can text a question, any question, to 542542 (kgbkgb) and the kgb Special Agents send an accurate response in a timely manner.  It costs ninety-nine cents.  Currently, some of the questions being texted to 542542 are:

– Who played shortstop for the Yankees in 1995?

– Who has the highest black belt, Chuck Norris or Wesley Snipes?

– What is the rarest car in the world?

– What college has the biggest campus?


I’m not sure how quickly or accurately kgb responds, honestly I didn’t feel like spending the ninety-nine cents to find out.  But I do find the whole idea of calling the service, kgb, and the employees, Special Agents, hilarious.  kgb’s CEO of Mobile and Digital, Bruce Stewart, boasts that sports fans use 542542 for sports statistics. 

“kgb’s 542542 service is a source of fast, accurate answers, not matter what your information needs.  Sports fans tell us they use 542542 because they can access statistics and sports trivia with speed and precision, whether they are trying to settle a bet with friends, or working to conceptualize fast-breaking news.  Basketball is one of our most popular categories for just this reason: We supplythe facts sports fans needs, and always just a little extra information to make the answer more interesting and fun.  We expect we’ll see lots of questions on basketball during the NBA Draft.”

sports%20bet%202542542 would be a good source of information for sports statistics.  I have to agree with Stewart, this text messaging service would be perfect for settling a bet between friends while out watching a game.  No one’s recall is perfect but the Special Agents have the ability to access credible information and then text it back to the user.

If anyone has used kgb to find an answer I’m curious to know if it provided an accurate answer as a timely response.  Let me know.


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