Posted by: sClarke | 07/09/2009

Three Great Viral Ad Campaigns

I did a previous post on viral marketing a how successful it can be.  It can spread like wild fire and it’s great for building brand equity, awareness, and, if done right, recall.  Of those three, recall may be the most significant for ROI because if the target audience only remembers the commercial and not the brand then what’s the point.

1. Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold


This clip is amazing.  Ronaldinho receives a new pair of cleats, puts them on, and does some amazing ball handling for nearly two minutes.  Nike is a genius for putting two and two together.  Why not give a pair of Nikes to a professional soccer player and have him perform some of the craziest footwork ever seen.

There was even some speculation that this clip was digitally enhanced, but when Dinho was asked if the clip is real or not, he replied,

“It’s all true! If you don’t believe me then ask someone who is watching when I train. I did it again the other day.”

The clip has received about 29.4 million views, amazing job Nike.

2. Guitar (


This video speaks for itself.  Phenomenal guitar playing matched with a site that teaches how to play the guitar creates buzz.  All GuitarMasterPro had to do was say that the guitarist in the video learned on their website and bam you have 60 million viewers.  Majority of which may be intrigued and head to the website.

3. Dynamite Surfing (Quicksilver)


After the first few months this clip had 10 million views.  The genius of this clip is that it looks like a passer-by has captured it on his or her low-quality camera.  In reality, the surfers are actors in Quicksilver gear and the whole thing was actually filmed on a high-quality camera but altered to its now grainy state.

Personally, I really like the Quicksilver one.  Not just because of the video but because of the entire way it was made and then transformed.  The creators wanted to keep people guessing if the footage was real or not.

Post any more great viral ads as a comment.



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