Posted by: sClarke | 07/09/2009

Bing/Google Update

As we’ve all seen, Microsoft has introduced a new search engine, or as they like to call it, a “decision engine.”  I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of calling a fancy search engine with pretty pictures, a decision engine.  I’ve tested it out a time or two, but I like Google.  Maybe it’s because Google doesn’t need to resort to flashy photos of the Great Barrier Reef or Las Vegas or the Galapagos Islands but rather Google is effective simplistically with an efficient and professional use of white space.


Still the number speak for themselves.  Google controls the market with 60% of the market share, while the decision engine only weighs in at 11%.  But still, Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, is shaken up about Bing.  A team of top engineers have assembled in response to Bing lead by Brin himself.  Brin has set out to determine how Bing’s search algorithm differs from Google’s.

Michael Kordahi created an experiment to compare Google, Bing, and Yahoo via BlindSearch.  Search results are provided by all three search engines and users are asked to vote on which results are best.  BlindSearch has also been able to strip away branding and logos in order to get the most unbiased results.  After the user has searched and sifted through the results, he or she votes on which results were best.  After the vote has been made then the exact same results show again but with the search engines logo atop the results.  I decided to test this out for myself.  I first searched for ’emerging media,’ voted and turns out I voted for Google.  This experiment was also tried but another blogger.  He searched for Mashable and found that 45% of voters chose Google, 32% chose Bing, and 23% chose Yahoo.


These results obviously aren’t truly representative of the entire population but currently, Google has 44% of the votes, Bing with 32%, and Yahoo with 24%.  I honestly don’t think that Google has anything to worry about.  Time will tell which engine has style and which will prosper with substance.


Try BlindSearch for yourself.  You may actually prefer a different engine than you are loyal to.



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