Posted by: sClarke | 07/09/2009

Battle of the Phones: Part II

Okay so before I compared the BlackBerry Storm and the iPhone.  I’m going to stick with Verizon because I have had no problems and I’m not going to switch my carrier just for a phone that I may or may not like. Plus, Verizon is offering me a $50 credit when I renew my contract and upgrade to a new phone.   So now I’m going to compare the Storm with the LG Dare in only a couple categories that are most significant for my phone usage.



Storm -$219.99 – $70 (online discount) – $50 (credit) = $99.99

Dare – $199.99 – $120 (online discount) – $50 (credit) = $29.99


Storm -5.47 oz

Dare – 3.76 oz.


Storm – 4.43H x 2.45W x 0.55D

Dare – 4.1H x 2.2W x 0.5D


Both have a 3.2 Megapixel camera, speakerphone, email capabilities, and a QWERTY keyboard for texting.

First 10 Reviews:

blackberry_stormStorm -30% of reviewers loved the phone, 10% weren’t displeased or satisfied with it, and 60% hated it.  Of that 60% the Storm has been described as, “awful,” “disaster,” and some warned, “do NOT purchase this phone.”

Dare – Only 10% of reviewers found this phone to be of poor quality.  20% were middle of the road and were having difficulties with the touchscreen.  The remaining 70% were satisfied with the phone, some declaring it the “best phone ever.”

The Storm reviews are very negative and it seems that most reviewers are recommending that people considering it should wait until the second one is released in hopes that some of the kinks will be smoothed out.  The most prominent issue was that the Storm freezes quite often, usually when going from portrait to landscape or vice versa, and it takes several minutes to reboot.

The LG Dare is looking better and better.  I’m not sure if I really need a BlackBerry.  And a touchscreen phone for $30, how can you really beat that?!  I really wish there was a Verizon store in Morgantown because all I really need to do now is play around with the phones before I can buy one.

Dare vs. Storm

I’d appreciate any feedback.



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