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BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone

My contract with Verizon is up next month and I’ve been thinking about sticking with Verizon, because I’ve never had any major grievances with them, and possibly getting a BlackBerry Storm.  The only problem is I’ve heard as many horror stories about it as stories with happy endings about it.  So, the question of the month is: Should I get a BlackBerry Storm or consider switching to AT&T so that I can get an iPhone?  Let’s review, shall we…


Storm – $265 with contract for 16 GB

iPhone – $299 with contract for 16 GB


Both have audio, video, and photo capabilities as well as games and applications.


Storm – Web browser, BlackBerry OS apps, personal email, GPS, Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell Groupwise

iPhone – WiFi, web browser, iPhone 2.0 app store, YouTube, GPS, personal email, and Exchange

BlackBerries are typically for those who prefer email capabilities over browsing.

Input Method:

Both have multi-touch screen methods.

The Storm has the ability to flip from portrait to landscape when typing whereas the iPhone does not have the ability to flip to landscape.

Display, Weight (with battery), and Dimensions:

Storm -3.2 inches with 480 x 360 pixel display, weighs in at 5.5 ounces, 4.4 by 2.4 x 0.6 inches

iPhone – 3.5 inches with 480 x 320 pixel display, weighs in at 4.7 ounces, 4.5 by 2.4 x 0.5 inches


Both have micro USB, 3.55 mm (standard), headphone jack, and Bluetooth

Battery Life:

Storm -360 hours standby, 5.5 hours talk time

iPhone -300 hours standby, 10 hours talk time


Storm -3.2 megapixel stills, flash, auto focus, video recording

iPhone – 2 megapixel stills

I also found an article that touts 8 reasons to choose the Storm and also 8 reasons to choose the iPhone:


1. Bluetooth Stereo Capability – users can listen to their music stored on the Storm via their Bluetooth instead of using headphones.

2. Removable battery – batteries can be easily replaced, for around $5, as well as removed.

3. Expandable memory -the Storm ships with just 1GB of on-board memory, but it also has an expandable microSD media card slot that can accommodate cards up to 16GB.

4. Video recording – can capture video clips as well as havign a higher megapixel resolution.

5. Works as a tethered modem – many smartphone owners, particularly business users, employ their handhelds’ internet connections to access the web via otherwise unconnected PCs or laptop computers and Verizon offers the option to all BlackBerry users.

6. Tactile feedback – the screen offers no response when you hit a key, making it difficult to type without staring directly at the screen.

7. Copy and paste – users can cut and paste text by simply pressing a finger down at the beginning of a selection and then another finger at the end to highlight the text.

8. Multitasking – users have the ability to run multiple applications as once while using the device for other possibly connected purposes.


1. Second generation – The first iPhone was released in June 2007 and the newer version, came out July 2008, has fewer bumps in the road.

2. Built-in memory – internal storage cannot be swapped out.  Like iPods, the iPhones come with designated amounts of memory, 8GB or 16GB.

3. iTunes App Store – the App Store makes it simple for iPhone users to locate, download and update third-party software–from a desktop computer or via iPhone–and Apple vets each and every app, so users can trust that they’re safe in downloading new programs.

4. iTunes integration -from the start, Apple designed the iPhone to work hand-in-hand with its popular iTunes software–in fact an iTunes account is required for new iPhone users

5. Full QWERTY keyboard -the iPhone may not have an actual keyboard but the virtual keyboard that appears on screen is always a full QWERTY keyboard, meaning each and every letter/numeral/symbol has its own on-screen key

6. WiFi support – iPod has it, Storm does not.   iPhone users also get free Wi-Fi hot spot access at more than 17,000 AT&T Hot Spot locations, including various Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and McDonald’s restaurants

7. iPod Media Player – the iPhone is both a mobile phone and iPod–hence the creative name–and, though RIM has drastically improved the media player found in BlackBerry handheld OS versions 4.5, 4.6 and with the Storm release, v4.7, the BlackBerry still has nothing on the iPhone’s media player

8. iPhone’s Safari Browser – the browser is extremely similar to Safari that’s on Macs.

YouTube Comparison I

YouTube Comparison II

I can’t make a final decision yet.  I’m going to have to go to a Verizon and AT&T store to play with the phones in order to get a feel for them, perhaps then I’ll have made up my mind.

Any suggestions?




  1. I think your research is very detailed but I think you are right that you have to go into the store to make a final decision. Personally, I have heard negative things about the Blackberry Storm and I have not gotten any feedback on the iPhone. With a second-generation phone, such as the iphone, the company has taken into consideration all of the negative feedback they received with the original version of the phone. They have had time to read blogs and feedback sites and have gotten real feedback from users on how they could improve. The Blackberry company is still going through this process since the Storm is the first version of a touch screen phone for them. Reading blogs is a good assistance in determining what phone you might like because it portrays real customer feedback and not a manipulating ad by Apple or Blackberry. My suggestion would be that if you want the Blackberry, you should wait until the second version of the phone is released—this will give the company an opportunity to make changes to the original phone based on customer feedback. In case you missed the sites below, I have listed some blogs and articles I have found that you could take a look at in order to determine what phone would better suit you. Good luck!

  2. Everybody that I know with a BlackBerry loves them but I’m unsure if it’s the Storm model. On the other hand I can say the same thing about iPhone.

    If you have had a positive experience with Verizon then I do not see the purpose of choosing a phone that will require you to switch carriers.
    I guess maybe I’m just not so in love with iPhone. I recently had to by a new phone and went through the paces with considering the iPhone. When I tested it at the ATT store it was a whole lot bulkier and heavier than I imagined it to be. I wanted something that felt nice in my hand and would be easy to whip out when needed to. iPhone did not meet these standards for me, the phone did not slide easily in and out of my pants pocket and when I held it in my hand the size of it kind of overwhelmed it ( and I don’t have man hands but mine are large for a woman).

    The iPhone also did not see as responsive as I imagined a touch screen to be. Of course you don’t want a phone to be activated with every little movement but I felt like I had to mash down hard iPhone’s screen to get it to respond, sometimes I would have to press it multiple times in order for it to act.

    I would also be wary about getting an iPhone because Apple seems to bring out a new model every year to year and a half. The new iPhone 3G S just debuted a few weeks ago and has a lot of great features but how long will it be before Apple comes out with an updated version to this?

    To learn more about disgruntle iPhone customers follow this link:

    My advice would be to investigate other phones (if you haven’t already) at Verizon and ATT. They’re some other contenders who have just about the same capabilities as Storm and iPhone but at a reduced price. I eventually decided on the Samsung Eternity while at the ATT store and I would say this is the happiest I have ever been with a phone. I just recently added a multi-media data package to my plane but this was not necessary for me to appreciate the features of the phone.

    To find out more about the Eternity you can visit this link:

  3. Shannon,

    Great comparison but I’m going to have to go with the iPhone! I previously had a Blackberry for work and while its features are sound, there’s a reason many have dubbed it “the Crackberry”.

    All joking aside, the user interface for the iPhone is absolutely phenomenal and you will not be able to get a touch screen like it on any other phone. It’s true, both the Blackberry and the iPhone have applications, but did you know that the amount of iPhone Apps are thousands? Check out Apple’s “There is an App for everything” campaign by clicking here:

    Even better news is the fact that Apple recently released its 3 G S iPhone version, which is easily the best phone out there to date. In addition to being the fastest iPhone yet, it also boasts a 3 mega-pixel camera and the ability to take videos! The icing on the cake, of course, is that Apple is offering it for $99 to new AT&T customers.

    Sounds great right? Okay so the downside to owning an iPhone, which I can attest to from experience.
    1. There is no insurance available for the phone, so guard it with your life!
    2. You must have a data plan in order to activate the phone
    3. You lose out on your network of Verizon callers, which can be huge considering it’s a very popular service provider for corporate wireless service.
    4. You don’t have the ability to obtain the pin numbers of your friends who also have a blackberry, so that you can message or “bbm” them on black berry messenger.

    I still stand by my decision to purchase an iPhone but it really depends on your loyalty to Verizon as well as risk tolerance on potentially breaking/losing a hard-to-replace iPhone.

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