Posted by: sClarke | 06/15/2009

Monster + Comcast = More Couch Potatoes?

Monster Worldwide, Inc. has joined forces with Comcast Corp. to create Monster On Demand.  Comcast subscribers will have the ability to search for jobs via their TV as well as giving those with jobs an additional channel to advertise.  Comcast customers will simply have to tune onto channel 888, Comcast Searchlight, and will be able to scroll through listings by just their remote.  Once a job listing has peaked the Comcast customer’s interest then he or she must log onto the Monster On Demand website ( and enter the Job Number to get more information and to apply for the job.

“Monster’s employer customers will benefit from an extended reach into approximately 16.5 million Digital Cable homes, and the ability to reach job seekers at a local level in more than 70 Designated Markets Areas (DMAs). Monster On Demand will utilize Comcast Spotlight’s On Demand publishing platform, which quickly and efficiently converts listings into Video On Demand (VOD) assets.” —Comcast Spotlight Press Release


This is a great idea because the job listings are exclusive to the particular area the job seeker is located.  Also, this way younger audiences are more easily targeted, e.g. new college graduates, because it’s better than sifting through newspaper wanted ads.  Listings can be easily read through and fingers don’t need to be stained with black ink to do so.  Another bonus to this Comcast feature is that the listing can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they’re current.

“Monster continues to seek new and innovative avenues to further connect job seekers and employers,” said Mark Stoever, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances, Monster. “Leveraging Comcast’s Video On Demand platform will enable us to dramatically extend our reach to tens of millions of potential job seekers, and open a powerful new channel for employers to target job seekers on a highly localized basis. This is just the beginning of what we envision to be a highly-interactive medium, and we look forward to our continued collaboration with Comcast to provide consumers with resources and solutions to improve their lives.”




  1. I have Comcast and have seen the ads for the Monster channel in Searchlight. I checked it out and found it be sorely lacking. Comcast will need to do a better job of updating these jobs and making them relevant to the area. I found that in Pittsburgh, there were not many jobs listed and many more that seemed to link the user to a national job database, not one that was local.

    You mention that this is a better option than sifting through the newspaper want ads, but the big local paper here, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has changed their online classified ads over to a format powered by Monster. Check it out here:

    This seems like a timely idea, but not one that is ready to hit the ground running…yet.

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