Posted by: sClarke | 06/08/2009

How is TelePresence not omnipresent?

Cisco has been welcoming others into the human network with their TelePresence since October 2006.  I remember seeing the commercials for it but they didn’t quite register with me like the new ones have.  Here’s an older commercial for TelePresence:

Sure this ad demonstrates that face-to-face communication is possible, despite one’s location in the world, but how well does this commercial really depict the full potential and usefulness of TelePresence?


It doesn’t but the entire TelePresence premise is really quite amazing.  Video systems can be set up anywhere that resemble conference rooms.  Cisco is really focusing on a live, face-to-face communication; hence the tagline “welcome to the human network.”  With the use of their product less time can be spent away from home and families as well as virtually eliminating travel costs.  Since the emergence of TelePresence, businessmen and women can foster and maintain crucial relationships with clients and customers from halfway around the world.  This can be seen in a more recent commercial:


This video/conference system is much better than a conference call because participants can actually see facial expressions, nonverbal communication, and the reactions of others in the “meeting” that may not physically be present in the same room.

“Cisco TelePresence is a game changer. It’s a quantum leap in quality and ease of use, and it’s rock-solid. It just works.” — Michael Keithley, CIO, Creative Artists Agency

With Cisco TelePresence:

  • Scheduling is easy-no IT support required
  • Launching a meeting is as simple as making a phone call.
  • People appear lifelike and life-size
  • In-room controls are intuitive
  • Collaboration applications are plug and play
  • Participants can meet in many rooms at once-up to 48 locations in one meeting
  • Users can meet, record high-quality video, or participate in impactful special events
  • Users can easily bring in collaboration applications like WebEx
  • Existing SD or HD videoconferencing systems can be easily integrated.

Cisco’s TelePresence was even featured in an episode of The Unit, wonder how much they paid for that…



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