Posted by: sClarke | 06/01/2009

Social NotWorking?

Is it just me or has just about everyone and everything have a Facebook page?  Of course I have one, I use it mostly to share pictures and to keep in touch with friends that live far away.  Sure the applications are good and fun.  Facebook also really helps to keep procrastinators to keep doing what they do best, putting things off; but how effective can a Facebook or other social networking page really be for companies or products?

It may seem like a good idea to make a Facebook page for any company or product, but honestly, how much exposure is the page really going to gain?  Take Coca-Cola for example, it was the first giant that popped into my head, and there it was, with 3,445,578 fans (  Apparently, this fan page is the number one fan page on Facebook, and it was created by two guys that were not affiliated with Coke.  While this page is clearly, wildly popular, how often do these 3,445,578 fans frequent the page?  And Facebook users most likely are not aware of the page unless they go out of their way to search for it or a large portion of their Facebook friends are fans of it.

Coke's Facebook Page

Coke's Facebook Page

The whole concept of creating a fan page is somewhat foreign to me.  Facebook is a channel to connect with friends and family, but how often do users turn to the website to find marketing for products and does it really affect their buying decision?  Or are the fan pages merely there to provide support for something the users feel strongly about?  It’s also interesting to me that companies have created a service out of making social networking pages for others (

Any thoughts?



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